Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen


1. Mt. Constitution (Mount Constitution at 2,409 feet is the highest point in the San Juan Islands) and has one amazing 360 degree view! (a tough hike, but well worth it!)

2. Goat's Peak (Winthrop, WA) 7001 feet. One of only a few left - a manned fire lookout! Goats Peak Information

3. Whistler, BC - Matthew's Traverse. We thought we were on an easy hike, only to find out it was a difficult (thanks to some friendly folk who had rode the Gondola to the top and hiked down!) We decided to hike the whole thing........

4. Whatcom County - Fragrance Lake

5. Lake 22 - Granite Falls. This was a BEAUTIFUL hike, kind of tough, but had pretty waterfalls, wooden bridges, etc.

6. Lake Padden Trail - Bellingham, WA (a nice stroll that we do often)

7. Washington Park Trail - Anacortes, WA

8. Leadbetter Point - Long Beach, Washington

9. Sauk Mountain

10. Schreibers Meadows

11. Iceberg Lake - Glacier National Park Montana

12. The hike to no where......we took a trail in Glacier National Park with no map trying to get to some special "falls" but only ended up getting no where. We'll never remember the name of the trail, but will always have the memory. :)

13. Share with us your favorite hike and/or walk!


Ronnie said...

The hike out at the end of "the wrong road," Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado side.

Beachbum said...


The first 3 show how much I love Siskiyou County! There are many more, but these are a start. If you ever want to find cool hikes around Monterey/Big Sur, let me know!