Sunday, July 06, 2008

Weekend In Review

THURSDAY NIGHT - Shelton Family Gang


(I took this picture RUNNING away from the lit fireworks - that I did not realize were being lit!)


Hung out with the parents and chilled! We had to make a trip to Bellingham to feed a cat, and made a stop at Trader Joe's! :) We got our favorite oatmeal! Then we invited a few family members over to have a "left-over" BBQ (ended up running out of propane...) but thankfully they don't live that far and went and got a spare tank! THANKS SHAUN! :) Here's a family picture we took:


We took my dad to the Seattle Airport at 5:20am this morning is when we left. I had a hard time not falling asleep on the way home, thanks to my dear wife for driving! We came home, crawled back in bed and woke up at 11am! IT WAS DELIGHTFUL! We took showers, went to town to find more yarn....... (which we decided I'd be done since I wasn't going to find any yarn that was going to even come somewhat close to this somewhat "specialty" yarn.......and now I have just got to figure out how to do something a hat, place mat or something?!) and then we mowed the yard (which looks beautiful!), picked raspberries.....not QUITE a full freezer container full with lots more soon to be ripe (YUM!) and then we did this:

and as I type - K is cutting up the other flat of strawberries! A friend from work called on Saturday and her brother owns a local berry farm and they'd picked way too many berries for the 4th and didn't sell them - so they had tons of berries to get rid of for cheap! :) So, we did a bit of running around, but got us 2 flats!

We got a lot accomplished today!!

K's grandma is in the hospital (went in today at the age of 95) with fluid around her heart and lungs. Think good thoughts for her. She's a fighter.....and is feeling good (other than out of breath). They'll be keeping her a few nights to get her blood sugar back under control and we'll stop by and see her tomorrow.

Work this week will be interesting! :) We have 2 people gone and so we'll see how the work flow goes......... it is just one week. :)

That is it for now.......I'm going to post a few videos for you to watch of the awesome fireworks display and the parade! :)


Debbie~ said...

Nice R&K, to me there is nothing more satisfying than looking at a pantry with canning that 'I' did lining the shelves!!! Beautiful jars lined up looking sooooo pretty! It was GREAT seeing you two, never enough time to talk much in big crowds...My movies must be too large, I can't seem to load the main explosive show...:(

Ronnie said...

Best wishes to Grandma!