Saturday, July 12, 2008


Last night I was on the computer for some time and decided about 9:55pm that I'd go and read a magazine and watch some news - very well knowing that WOOT becomes available at 10:00pm PST. At about 10:10pm I mentioned to K that maybe she could get up and go check the computer, which I had WOOT up on and just needed to be refreshed. She was reading the paper and didn't want to get up right away...... AND being as lazy as I was, I didn't want to get up and check it......

Well, when K got up to check it a little bit later (maybe 10:15-10:20pm) she wasn't able to refresh the website (sometimes WOOT gets bogged down at the time the item first becomes available depending on how hot of an item it is) and she yells to me "IT ISN'T LETTING ME REFRESH!" UGH.

It finally refreshes.....and what is it? IT IS THIS:

IT IS RANDOM CRAP that I've been WAITING FOR!!!! They give away items for $1.00 plus $5.00 shipping and from what I've heard it is some pretty freakin' AWESOME crap! (a lady I know got a blender in her random crap) On this specific crap night, you could have gotten 3 items of crap! AND....the stinkin' server was so bogged down, along with my lazy ass........ that we didn't get in on the deal........which was gone in less than 20 minutes. I even called my dad to see about getting on and getting a bag of crap.......he too had the same issues.
Nonetheless, we're having a good laugh about me not getting up to check WOOT at 10:00pm like I normally do.......and it being exactly what I've been waiting for.
Maybe I'll get CRAP next time ;)
HAPPY SATURDAY!!!!!!!!! :) We're off to go garage sale'ing...(our neighborhood garage sale) and then to visit Grandma a little bit later and check in on her :) we bought her a few frozen dinners last night to put into her freezer.
It is a BEAUTIFUL day out! We ate breakfast outside!! :)


Pat and Allison Punteney said...

OH CRAP!! I was hoping to get one of those for our Christmas raffle- well maybe next time.

Debbie~ said...

Holy Crap! I hate when that happens! :)