Friday, July 18, 2008

My Personal Friday Fill In

It is after 11:00pm and here I am trying to do a Friday Fill-In and am getting overly frusterated with myself because my brain isn't functioning the way it should I'm bagging it! :) With that being said........

Our plans for the weekend include a visit from an old friend of K's and her partner tomorrow (can't wait!) and then just enjoying each other doing whatever we feel like.

It was somewhat of a nice week at work, actually - despite a lady giving her 2 weeks notice and now not allowing K and I to have any time off together......... we all worked as a team and just did a great job together! Our office is really fun!

I cannot wait for tomorrow A.M. I'm making a mad dash for the Farmer's Market for BLUEBERRIES! They were so yummy!!!!

I'm off of here for the night............. hope you all have a great weekend!!


Deb said...

We're also off this weekend to get blueberries. Enjoy. xo

Cori's Stories said...

I will be going to work tomorrow morning. Enjoy some berrries for me!!