Monday, July 21, 2008

Work Note

Our President's Boss came to work today, which we knew he was coming - he visits probably about 2 times a year. Normally he'd come to meet with our boss (county manager) but today had a meeting with everyone.

Our work is not what it should be right now (does that surprise anyone, with the way the real estate is going?!) So, he pretty much forwarned us that the winter months and into Spring are going to be........unforseeable - but - that there could be possible changes that affect each and every one of us.

We were thankful he came to at least confront us all, even if it does seem doom and gloom.

We shall see where it goes from here........ if today was any factor of what it is going to be like....... I may go crazy. (The courier and I were both needing to scan with only 1 scanner!) It will make it interesting.

K says no matter what - we're trying in October. We are very lucky to have a place we can call home if need be - for free (property in Grand Coulee). That is a blessing amidst all the unsettled unknowing factors.

I'm exhausted.......K's mowing, I'm hitting the sack and it is only 8pm!! :)


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Debbie~ said...

I had to come back to comment! Randi, hang in there, I know times are tough in your line of work right now. Keep focused on your plans, spirits high, and be thankful you have each other to share with, and lean on~ Love ya, Aunt Debbie~