Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sundays Scatterings

We just got home from making a trip to the local casino for a fill-up on our gas tank! (it is about 10 minutes from our house but saves us a good .20 a gallon). We used 13.7 some gallons for $55.00 (and we're full!) at $3.99 a gallon - eekk.

We woke up this morning to a lovely cat - pawing, kneading, and meowing for attention - onto K - back onto Randi - onto K - back on to Randi :) Sure makes one feel loved :) (even IF it is annoying!) Rosa has been the one who we really can notice needs the attention - she just starves for it. So, we've done lots of "baby carrying" and petting and more carrying...... :) as of right now she's following K around the house trying to trip her. LOL

This morning was a tough morning, again.....ugh. I'm not really excited to back to work, but am excited to do something that will keep me busy! :) I guess I enjoyed myself too much at the LIG conference and the like-mindeness people.

I got an email from a friend today - that told me there was a knitting "get together" at a local Starbucks Mondays at 6pm - YAHOO! I'm going to try to go tomorrow. We went to the library today to try to check out a few books, but they didn't have them - so I'll just have to buy them - BUT I did get to check out a knitting book..... so I ended my 2nd project of nothing (purely for practice) and am now starting a project.......I'm excited for tomorrow nights adventures because I'm needing a little bit of clarity on the safety pin, etc. (and tend to add stitches) and need to keep this scarf looking.....umm square. Thank you Robin B. for the pretty purple yarn that I'm using :)

I was thinking it would be fun to have a NW Unschoolers Yahoo Group (for those North in Canada.....and for those South towards Vancouver) and all in between points - that may be able to travel for a weekend get together somewhere? It'd sure be fun to do a camp-out!! :)

Speaking of camp out..... there's been discussion of trying to do a Riehl Camp Out (family get together) .... so if we're going to do it I guess I'd better look into some group camps, etc.

This week we don't have much planned, really. Work, work, and work :) We have to go see K's Grandma one evening.....and this weekend we are starting to cat sit for a few days......and then we're going to Marysville to help out with the Sons of Italy 'Sketti Feed :) That'll be fun hanging out with family we usually only see a few times a year........ :)

I've enjoyed seeing on on their forums a few of the people from LIG and although we never met - almost feel connected, weird huh? :)

I think that's it for now......over and out.



Anonymous said...

try 4.29 a gallon in Shelton. i can not find it for under 4.09, and that is at our casino. what will we do. i almost can not afford to work!!!! cori

Skyrat said...

Sounds like you and K have been busy! Did you love Las Vegas? One gas station in your direction had gas at $3.95!

CiaoBella! said...

See you on Saturday!! Red shirts if you have them; we'll find some aprons if you don't own such a thing!! LOL Looking forward to seeing you both and hearing the great Vegas tales!
Aunt Mary

Skyrat said...

I'm still waiting to find out how your knitting get together went.