Saturday, June 21, 2008


So today is Saturday :) We're hanging out in Grand Coulee - I'm blogging, K is playing Wii golf (we just got through playing a round of tennis and baseball - both of which she won :) and we're baking some Amish friendship bread......and waiting for my mom to get off work at 12pm - then we may head out to a few garage sales and tonight my mom and I are going to go to a stamp party! :)

Yesterday, our computers were down at work all day......from 8:18 until 4:00pm. I think it is stressful sometimes at work with the overload feeling - but this was a bit more stressful - just not knowing when the computers would come back up for one, and 2 - knowing that we would have quite a bit of work to get done when they did. Unfortunately, some of the people in the office could still give me work (and could do work without the use of the computer) so I'll probably go in tomorrow night upon our return and clean up. Our courier is gone on Monday from work, so I'll need to fill in a bit doing her job.........making it even a bit more stressful. It is only one day and I'm being able to relax this weekend! :)

Our place when we got here was so clean (Thanks Aunt Mary!) and K and I both said "it is feeling more like home!"

Remember that birthday present I've been waiting for? Well I got it last night! It was 2 three prong connectors for my Christmas display - AND....vinyl clings for my car that say "WWW.SKAGITCHRISTMAS.COM (with my logo!) TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!! I now need to update my website with last years video's....get a guestbook put on there...... and K and Mom (and Dad I'm sure has told me) that I could make some money on my website from businesses that want to donate and/or help.

My dad bought my mom a special present, of which I am is today Woot deal ( ) (a laptop). I've made the decision that I'd really, really like it.......BUT I really would like a baby soon.......and all money needs to go towards that for now.

That's it for now..........


CiaoBella! said...

You're welcome, Randi, but I didn't do anything; your mom did it all before we got there. Thanks, Allison!! And have a great weekend with extra ice cream in Winthrop!!

Skyrat said...

So glad you had a good time this weekend. Bet you are looking forward to K getting those lights up for Christmas again this year. I might even be able to make it over that way in the evening to see them! Work just never seems to let up, does it? Don't let it stress you - you are one person, and one person can only do so much.