Sunday, June 08, 2008


I believe I got McAfee on this computer when I bought it (over 5 years ago) - hated it then - still do. I got Norton at one point (for some reason thinking it was better) - hated it then - still hate it too.

I've been using a free anti-virus and spyware program on the computer. They were upgrading to 8.0 and I was having some issues running it and doing what I wanted to online - and so have decided I'd break the bullet and buy TrendMicro (a brand of anti-virus/spyware that I've heard is very good)........... for the life of me (even with McAfee help so far) can't get the damn thing off of my computer................ So, now I get to hang out at my house for 2 days this week - hoping - someone calls from their company calls me (and can help me) (The help I got via online chat today was remarkable, BTW)


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Skyrat said...

I've never really liked McAfee anyway. Hope you have been contacted by tech spt and now have it off.