Thursday, June 05, 2008

2nd Thursday Post

I'm not feeling too hot......I don't know if I'm trying to fight a cold, some stomach bug or something, but just feel out of sorts and off kilter. My one ear is beginning to get plugged, my throat feels a little tight....... we ate soup (chicken noodle) and a roll for was perfect. I am not waiting for Kauleen to come in from the trunk of the car......yep, she's been laying in it for approx. 30 minutes trying to get it put back together after the brake light had gone out....she just came back in.

I'm back now from putting a giant chocolate chip cookie in the oven for my co-workers. The boss is buying coffee's for everyone and I thought a special sweet treat would be fun also :)

We're kid watching tomorrow night for Braxton! We'll pick him up at daycare and then have him over night until Saturday morning! We are always quite entertained......and this is his first time over since we got our'll be interesting to see if he enjoys playing (at 4!).

That's it for now.......

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Deb said...

May it just be a bit of a funk happening with you. My husband took a rare two days off--calling it a sinus infection. Haven't washed my hands this many times a day in a long time, working to disinfect that I not get whatever it may be.

Wellness thoughts your way,

Love, Deb