Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pico De Gallo Italian Style

On Thursday at work ladies were talking all day about chips and salsa....that they were craving it. one actually got any, and so K and I had decided after work we'd head to the store and pick up some pico de gallo and chips (and have some beans) and it'd be awesome.

K went to the store and they didn't have the pre-made pico de gallo because of the tomato scare - so being the sweetheart she is - bought all the stuff to make it.

She comes home and I'm battling McAfee still....oh joy....and starts putting it together. I got up to help her in between chatting online with the help desk...and noticed that the cliantro tasted a bit "flowery" - I thought it was a little odd - but also thought, hey, maybe it is just not a very fresh batch. We chopped everything up, tasted it, and it still tasted flowery. I wasn't going to eat it.

Fast forward a few hours, and as I'm talking to my mom on the phone she asks "Are you sure she didn't get parsley?" K said - No, the sign over it was cilantro. (Well, K had noticed the leaves felt a bit different......but just chalked it up to being different). Well, after much discussion and examining - it WAS parsley.

Imagine how good my pico de gallo will be now with *most* of the parsley picked out, with cilantro and jalapeno? :)

I love my wife!

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