Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh Relaxation.....

Our courier was back today.....not feeling 100% but looking good and able to work a full day (way to go Donna!) and so I was able to stay caught up on my of my work and not have too bad of a day.

I've been dealing with bouts of nausea lately....and some dizziness. I'm wondering if it has to do with my ears.....(my tube fell out) or if it could have something to do with my period? (possibly iron?) I'll have to pay attention. K and I were going to go eat at Olive Garden tonight....(on a gift card) but I wasn't too sure I'd be making it......we got there, sat down, and then we left.....I just couldn't do it. We came home and I had chicken noodle soup, 1 1/2 rolls, and some apple sauce. I feel OK now.....maybe even a little hungry again. I think I maybe haven't been eating enough?........I'm going to test some stuff out tomorrow and see what happens.

Also, did I mention I get a massage tomorrow?...............................I cannot wait.

Do you ever plan lots of things you want to do, but then get overwhelmed by the list of the FUN things to do - that none of them happen? I'm starting my list for Saturday (K is helping a friends Grandpa move) and so I'm going to have the whole day to myself! *gasp!* I'm wanting to update my website, write a few letters, possibly bake some, and enjoy the sun. I'd love to scrub the fence but that is least on my list....... but I'd enjoy being out in the beauty. *shrug* I've also thought of doing a hike......but K doesn't like the idea of me hiking by myself.......oh and I could go see a cousin in a play in Seattle......but looks like we're headed to Seattle on Sunday to take part in the Gay Pride Festivities! :)

I'm needing to be outdoors I've decided - not just any outdoor - but near water, a waterfall the woods?....near a lake?......somewhere calming and peaceful, and contemplate and relax!......*aaaaaaahhhhh*

For now I'll just go settle in the tub and relax that way! :)



Ryan and DeWayne Hetrick said...

our cousin or K cousin what play??? Any how wish i lived closer and i would at least take a walk with you but i will be at work on saturday so i wont be able to come for a walk with you. I am watching the 08 olympic trials tonight an cant wait till 8 8 08

Pat and Allison Punteney said...

Your father doesn't like the idea of you hiking by yourself either!!

Skyrat said...

Sometimes, a list for fun can be more overwhelming than a list of tasks to do. LOL Takes all the fun out of it then.

Beachbum said...

I like the waterfall idea. But I like a yarn shop idea, too! Can you tell I haven't made space in the closet for more yet?! Hope whatever you decide to do, you enjoy immensely. You deserve that.

Hope the dizziness/nausea go away.

Did you enjoy the massage?

Frank said...


The "cousin in the play" is our (Ronnie and Frank) daughter Chloe in the Seattle Shakespeare Company's (junior version, called "Short Shakes") production of All's Well That Ends Well at the Seattle Center Theater. Chloe plays the part of Diana. Saturday afternoon is their final performance and the final performance of all time of the Short Shakes group.