Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Friday!

The sun shown so bright and beautiful today - it made all the customers stay away and play! AND made for a wonderful day! :) Our boss bought us coffee's this morning in celebration of his last week as Rotary President (and in celebration of me not having to help him with this bulletin!)

We had plans to possibly go on a hike, go to dinner, do something fun.....and we came home, stripped off our bras, got in comfy clothes and went al natural to the store and got a chocolate cake to bake!! LOL K is now watching something on TV (last she said Brokeback Mountain was on) and I'm piddlin' on here.

We've decided Sunday will be OUR day to do something fun.......

As for today, we made incentive for last month - so that rocks. :) AND Monday is pay that is a great way to start the week. Friday is the 4th of July, so we'll get to hang out with some pretty COOL people....... and that just sounds FUN! :)

Stay Tuned!

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Skyrat said...

It sounds like Friday was one of those fun days at work. Have a great weekend!