Sunday, June 08, 2008

Coming To Terms With Myself

So throughout the day today, there have been issues that have been coming up (not really anything VERY important, but things that mean a lot to me....) and BOTH things have been squashed (either because of me not being educated enough in one area (I suppose it both areas)...... and another being that I just need to come to terms with something I just *can't* figure out - and that just be so (although it is irritating me to no end!)

With that being said - I'm going to bed!



Skyrat said...

It's amazing when one begins to soul search with honesty the things we find. Not enough education? Are you applying for rocket scientist?

Frank said...

Interestingly obscure. We (I) need to hear more details!

Regarding your previous post, I hate (hate, HATE!) Norton (symantec) (It's really hard to get that crap off a machine once it's been installed.), MacAfee, and especially TrendMicro (which always scores very low in comparison tests of functionality).

If you still need a good, affordable protection system, try these guys.