Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back From Work!

Last night we didn't end up doing much. It was 6:30pm before we decided what we were going to do for dinner, and thought about taking a drive - but neither of us had any ambition to do anything - so we snuggled up, read our books, chatted online and went to sleep! :)

We didn't have a very restful night last night....Rosa was a pill. George (the new cat) thought at 6:30am this morning it was time to get up...... so at 7:30 we got up, showered, drank our coffee, and then were to work by 9am. We worked until about 12pm and then came home had some lunch.

K is now taking a walk with her dad in Anacortes and I'm hanging out contemplating what eventful things I'd like to do and/or research :) We decided against the Lasagna last may make it this afternoon, but honestly have no ambition, but now we have this fresh bread that needs to be used! So, we'll see..........

We have another lady off of work this week for vacation, and some of our people are filling in on Friday Harbor for another co-worker that doesn't have back we'll be short handed again! Working today really helps us to feel somewhat in control (even if for free).

We're going to head East next weekend and visit Mom and use our new hot water tank! :) The drive should be enjoyable (Hwy 20 - North Cascades) and we're in no hurry.

We were researching this morning (and I'm going to do a bit more) about the laws in Washington State. We're really needing benefits to be held under one of us. You'd think Fidelity National Title (The Largest Title Insurer) would offer domestic partner benefits........and now what we are that they are having to offer it to people in CA - so we should be able to get them here. This would solve soooooooo many problems with us.

That's it for now...... maybe more in a bit.


CiaoBella! said...

This weekend Ronnie and Chloe are walking for Susan G. Tom and I are trying to gear up for the 4th. We will see you, won't we? And you're bringing your drum? Better than fireworks! Tell your mom hi!

Skyrat said...

No OT approved???? You guys are too good - but I know what you mean about feeling in control. Bet you're looking forward to the weekend!