Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday A.M.

We have been blessed most nights recently, to be awoken to a cat named Rosa at 4:03 am climbing on us. UGH.

We woke about 7am (I hate getting up early on the weekends.....but the daylight wakens us!) and we showered, had our coffee, read the paper and then headed out for garage sales! YAHOO!!! Here is what we found:

A garden digger (the ones with 3 prongs) but it is like made of cast iron (heavy duty)
a randy travis greatest hits cd
a vacation fund glass jar collector :)
a huge tarp for $3.00
a rubbermaid cereal container (big) for .50
a carpet remnant (big) for coulee $2.00
a broom for .50 (coulee)
eat, pray, love - the book - for .50
baby bjorn for $20

I think that is it??......and we saw some old friends too! :)

K is now taking a nap, the tractor is out back plowing the field and making a ruckus :) we stopped at a local bread shop and got us a loaf of cibatta for some garlic bread tonight to go with our homemade lasagna mmmmmmmmm... whose coming for dinner? ;)

1 comment:

Deb said...

Kudos for the cast-iron garden implement. That rocks!

Now about music: you were flabbergasted I knew Avril Lavigne--my turn to pop out my eyeballs that you know Randy Travis.

With a giggle and with lots of love to you and to K,

Deb XO