Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Coming To Terms With Myself Part 2

OK, for the things I'm coming to terms with myself (I've had a lot of comments......although really they are silly things.....and nothing huge.

1) I wanted to make a movie from the pictures of Life is Good and thought it would be a simple task I've done many times before.......but with all the resizing done to pics, just isn't I've come to terms with myself in the fact that I CAN make videos, but in this instance it isn't worth the frustration it was causing me! (and that is freeing!!)

2) I can't tell you - otherwise I'd have to hurt ya. LOL


1 comment:

Skyrat said...

There are times when you can beat your head against a wall, and still not get to where you're going. Some things just can't be done.