Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Going On's...

We had a very relaxing weekend in Grand Coulee and didn't do a lot. The weather wasn't as beautiful sunny as we had hoped - but it was warm enough to be in shorts and flip flops! :)

We got to use our tankless water heater for the first time! It's HOT! :) The not so hot part about it......1) the shower head is REALLY REALLY low (for me!) about perfect height for K and 2) the tub is a bit squeaky......possible rottage/bug eaten joists or something......(we will have to look into it).

K and I had another discussion as to how much money we put into it. We've put quite a bit into it to make it livable, and have a few more things to do (inside walls, sink, etc.) but probably not more than $5,000 worth. There has been talk (as there as been for quite some time) of possibly annexing into the City of Grand Coulee. (The arsenic level of the Coulee water has been a high levels - high enough they have to send notices to all homeowners) and the health department is not liking it. So, they are going to have to do something, soon. So, with that in mind, if we get new water, we hope to get sewer lines........AND if that is the case (really, no matter what the price tag be) we can tear down and re-build. (Right now we are stuck with what we have because our septic is not to "code" but we are grandfathered in) so we can live in what we have and be fine - but we cannot tear down (we can only remodel). This is great news for us........so we hope it plays out!

Work has been treacherous the past few days with the courier out for a surgery, I've been having to do her job, and my job........and thank you to so many in the office that have helped (JUSTYNE!!!!!!!!!!) to be able to make my in office job a little bit more do-able. (As I type I have 5 things to type first thing in the morning........with usually nothing to start out with!) YIKES. :) *please be there tomorrow courier......please be there tomorrow* AND quick healing to that neck! :)

I had my knit and chat tonight - same people showed up, which was fun! I'm getting to know both ladies and really enjoy it. Guess what I did? I screwed up......got frustrated......and took it all apart - all like 12 rows!! YAH!!! so, I'm not starting over.........which I'm excited about!! :) I've learned so much from so many people lately........I think it is a good thing. It took me the whole knit session to untangle my undoings!

Thursday I get a massage...........and I cannot wait. I'm needing something to calm my body and my mind, and possibly spirit too. :) I think this will do it!

K and I have been talking some about Christmas lights and what our plan is for this year. I am very excited! I think we may buy some LED's....(which take up less amps) but we may still need another box......(which is on sale until June 30th) so we have to decide here soon what the real plan is. I plan on updating my website this weekend with the videos from last year and stuff! I have to get it ready for people to be able to log on when I put my window cling on! :)

I am very excited for the nice weather that seems to be headed our direction! The last 2 nights have been beautiful! RIPEN BERRIES RIPEN! and grow garden grow!!

We're discussing heading to the Seattle Gay Pride Parade on Sunday! :) I have always wanted to go.......the weather is going to be 80 degrees, and it's gonna be a beautiful day. I'm really torn between that and a hike...........the Seattle Gay Pride Parade sounds like *fun* the hike sounds like *peace*........ Hmmmmmmm.....

I am very excited for the 4th of July at Uncle Tom and Aunt Mary's and that some unschooling friends will be joining in on the party! CANNOT WAIT!!! :)


Skyrat said...

I knew there were advantages to being short - showerheads are one of them. LOL Glad you all enjoyed your visit and made it back ok. Hope the courier is there today - cut down on a little work on your back.

Frank said...

And I'm sorry I'm gonna miss teh 4th of July party; but y'all have some extra fun for me and show the Golds a good time!