Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Sunday!

We haven't done much this weekend, which has kind of been nice. I sometimes get torn between wanting to do something and wanting to do nothing.

Yesterday I spent most of the day trying to upload videos to my website....which took forever - only - in the end for me to say screw it and ended up loading them overnight last night so the computer could take as long as it wanted! (now for me to get them on to my website......... :o)

K got home early afternoon and we went out for dinner and then had to run a few errands then went over and saw Shaun and Jenae and kids! (we missed Shaun's b-day!) so we had to take him a card, some tropical dots, and to-be-made strawberry jam! :) We always enjoy visiting with them, greatly! We got home around 9pm and K piddled with the sprinklers and I crashed out!

This morning....K got up at 7:30am and I slept for another hour and didn't even wake up until she got back in bed and snuggled me! :) I love sleeping in and having the whole bed!! :) We drank our coffee, ate some breakfast, cleaned the bathrooms, did some laundry, and then ran to JoAnn Fabrics and got some knitting stuff (THANKS JENAE!) and then went to the store and got us some watermelon.....(mmmmmmmmmm) and then laid in the sun a little we're both veggin' doing our own things.

Latley I've been on a kick of being a hippie. LOL I wear my birkenstocks, t-shirts, and let my hair hang.....and I ask K "do I look like a hippy!?" Well.....she says first of all, I'm too uptight. LOL

BUT as we were out in the sun today.......I was knitting...... and she goes "Ok, now you look like a hippy!" ROFL (in the sun, tank top on, shorts, indian style, knitting!) Here's the picture:

funny huh? :)
That's it for now.........


Skyrat said...

You're almost there girlfriend - you need one of these: flowers in your hair, leather headband or a suede floppy hat! LOL It looks like you are having fun.

Debbie~ said...

I'm bummed, I wanted to hear all about the parade!!! ((((Hugs))))
Aunt Debbie~

Hope said...

Keep working on hippie-dom. You'll get there!

Zenmomma said...

I think you're feeling the hippy vibe for sure. :o)