Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Happenings!

We haven't done a lot this weekend. We've been making sure that I've been resting up and healing as I need to. The progesterone shots I'm on right now are 100% better than the last type. These are made with a different oil and make it easier to go in and disburse rather than make a hard mass. Less of a pain in the ass ;)

I'm feeling pretty good. Today was the first day I wore jeans. I've been in my sweats and/or stretchy pants as anything tight on my stomach was not sounding very appealing.

I'll go to work for the next few days and then the transfer is on Wednesday at 11:00am. Mom and I will be hanging out and I plan on setting up shop on the couch :) I'm sure we'll take lots of naps, watch TV, and just hang out.

Nothing all that exciting!

More later!

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