Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ice, Bam, and Herman the Vermin

What an exciting weekend we had! :) We left Friday night after work to head over to Grand Coulee with dad. We took Highway 20 (North Cascades) and they had been calling snow but we were pretty sure it was going to be clear. Well, the pass was totally clear......despite a bit of ice we hit and slid a little (didn't hit anyone) but it was dark and black ice. Everyone else around us was going 35 MPH too. It was enough to scare us all.........we went quite a bit slower after that - but really had no issues with any more ice. (The drive home was clear, wet in a few places, but it also was daylight!)

We stopped a few times on our way over......but one specific place we always stop is Hanks Mini Mart in Twisp, WA. We had parked, gone in and gone potty and then were trying to decide whether I should do my shots and/or wait until we got to Grand Coulee. I had the shots out and was ready to give them...... but then decided I'd have to give myself 2 shots and so thought I'd just wait. We had been sitting in the car with all the lights on. Dad was in the drivers seat, K was in the passenger seat, and I was on the back drivers side. We were just beginning to think about leaving, turning on the car, etc......and all the sudden BAM, and we moved. A black F-150 truck hit our 1999 Camry. They backed into the drivers side front panel and some of the drivers side door. It was totally driveable......but a bit of a shake up. That took an extra 20 mins to get insurance, etc. figured out. (Thankfully he had insurance.......and weird thing is - he lives in Burlington!)

We got to Grand Coulee about 10:30pm and I was completely exhausted and just wanted to hit the sack. I noticed when I got in bed that there were mouse nibbles on our duvet cover. I was a bit grossed out about it but they washed everything and I had come to the realization that there are just going to be mice in our place sometimes because we just can't close every single hole. Slept great Friday night. Saturday morning we woke up, were having coffee....and K says "Randi, wanna see something!"? She proceeds to take the towels off of the arms of the leather chair we bear us nothing but yellow padding. SOMETHING had eaten the arms of our chairs!! Now.......this something had eaten the chairs, paper towel, towels, more bedding, etc. A mouse possibly could do this, but we're thinking a RAT. ugh. So.... thank you to some very special family members:

  • Mom - For turning our heat on and noticing the big stinker

  • Chris and Denise - For cleaning up the turds, doing the laundry and such

  • Dad - for calling on the troops to take care of the mess

  • Tom and Mary - for the support of the others :)

Saturday night, Herman the Vermin decided at 1am it was time to chew on the wood! Nonetheless, we were both kinda creeped out. We got back to sleep though and again at 4am we were once again woken to chewing on something. We're pretty sure he is under the house. We've now sprayed foam in every nook and cranny that may POSSIBLY have been a spot he could come in through. We've closed up some bigger holes, and now have put rat poison out for him to eat till his heart is content. We have asked Uncle Joe to check on our place once a week and just check to see if Herman is still alive and well and/or dead. We're not heading over again for the winter so I guess we'll see if more things are chewed our next go 'round. Sure creeps ya out thinking there is an animal of some sort in your house while trying to sleep!!

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Skyrat said...

I do shudder for you. Mice, I can handle - but when it comes to rats, it's an all out war. Just be thankful they are chewing on things like furniture, etc - they are notorious for chewing up wiring. Also the guy that backed into the car - lucky he had insurance. You all probably took it much better than I would.