Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Moonie Mama

Hope it adds
some special pleasure
To the hours of your day
To know you're being thought of
In the very warmest way...
And when your birthday's over,
Hope that you'll remember, too,
The same warm thoughts as always
Will keep going out to you!

~ Happy Birthday ~


Deb said...

Back to you, the one and only Hootchie Mama! Of course you realized this would make me smile. What you didn't know is I'd laugh so hard that maybe my pumpkins would fall off. Hey, at this age I need not be running after 'em, ya know. ;-)

With laughter, appreciation and continued thoughts for positive October results.

With love, and with your trademark *sqoosh*,

Deb waving to your house from my own

Skyrat said...

That is too funny! Happy birthday to Moonie Mama (even though I have a feeling this is an inside joke, birthday wishes never hurt).

The Schmitt Family said...

That is awesome!