Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pregnancy Thoughts this A.M.

I sure hope I'm pregnant! I try to have a very positive attitude to "mentally" make it happen, but a bit of me still has to be cautious and safe....I don't know why but today (and last night) I didn't sleep all that well (I don't know that anyone in the family did......!!) and this morning just the thought of the stuff the doctors did find from the procedure - just makes me wonder if that will really affect us. (yah yah, I know I'm talking secretively here.......I have too, but heck, its my blog and I WILL fill you all in when I can!)

Also, when I asked the grade of the eggs - they just told me they were "great". REALLY irritates me that they wouldn't tell me the actual grades. Then I asked what the grades of the Blastocycsts were......and they said they can't grade those because they are millions of cells.......but upon looking it up online they do grade Blasts........ :(

I may call on Monday and just have them send me all my records - and I'll see for myself - the grades! :) or see if I can get Karen to help me figure it out....... guess it doesn't really matter now - but may give me some peace of mind :)

these are true thoughts......even BEFORE coffee! :)


Skyrat said...

You leave me wondering girlfriend. I hope that all goes well for you and that these 'things' found don't have anything to do with whether you are pregnant or not. Positive thoughts and prayers!

Beachbum said...

Think of the colness of being preggers. Think of how open and ready you are for this. Think of the wonderful being that you have a perfect home for...

Maybe the doubt and all can wait till after Halloween?

Torry said...

yahoo for eggs!!! If I can't get them scrambled then at least I know they are going to a good home!!! Mom told me to check out the blog so I did!