Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Short and Sweet

Mom and I are hanging out this morning...just waiting for 11am to get here. I feel a bit tired because I can't have any coffee this morning. The only reason for this I believe is they want me to stay down for one hour after the transfer .... so no getting up for the potty! :)

I'm doing my best to stay relaxed, although feel a bit stressed, anxious to hear what they have to say about all my embryos. It's kind of weird not having K around to go with me....... but sometimes that is just what happens in life. :)

So, were planning on implanting 2 - depending on quality. We got note today that our sperm specimen was not quality and we'll get more information (and possibly money) back from that.

I had a massage last night - felt great. K and I went out on a nice dinner date and she got me a very sweet card - blessing my womb and excited for me to be making our child(ren) :) Made my day.

Off to the shower......

I'll update when I come home if I feel up to.....and WOOT is having a woot-off for at least the next 24 hours. :) lots of good deals until they run out. Check it out!!


The Schmitt Family said...

just thinking about you and thinking healthy, sticky, happy embryo thoughts!

Frank said...

All good wishes and hopes!