Sunday, October 12, 2008


I didn't get a chance before tonight to post about my eggs - so sorry for the suspense! :)

On Friday when I went for my ultrasound I had 14 eggs! They like to have 5-10 so that was a very good number. I was a bit disappointed, only because my body naturally made over 20....but they took over my body for this IVF cycle and so my body didn't make as many as it normally would. Still, 14 is very good.

I have another appointment tomorrow (Monday) for an ultrasound, bloodwork and then the eggs get taken out on Friday!! :)

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Cori's Stories said...

how do you know how many eggs to use? did you guys pick a number before you found out how many you had this month? how many did you choose? are you going jon and kate plus eight style?