Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dumpster Diving

So we came home this morning a bit late and I needed to get my nose spray done. I got it out of the bag, sniffed, got my mints out and stuck it on the bathroom counter (which is where it has its place).

Fast forward to 9:30pm....go looking for my medicine. No where to be found. Do I remember right that I put it on the bathroom counter? bags are medicine in sight.

Next step.....did a cat knock it off into the garbage can? What are the odds that K would have emptied the bathroom garbage tonight (and into a separate bag) and we dug it open....and yep, sure enough in that bag of bathroom trash - was my $200 bottle of nose spray).

Now, the best part is.....if she hadn't happen to put it into a separate bag (which normally isn't done) we would've been sifting through fish guts and goo to find it.

Nose spray is done - dumpster diving is done - and I'm off to bed.


Beachbum said...

Wow...that could have been bad...
We are thinking of you two! Love your way.

Skyrat said...

Did you get lucky or what???? Glad your spray was found and onward to exciting baby things!