Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Crazy Busy!

I am not used to having something to do every single night of the week! It is exhausting! I'm not letting up for awhile I guess I had better get used to it? I'm enjoying all that I'm doing, but also would enjoy a night at home in my jammies just chillin' out!

Tonight I got together with a friend at a local coffee house and got introduced to her new son Owen. Very very cute! I really enjoy this friend and her natural ways!!

Tomorrow night is Yoga again :) and I'm really enjoying all the calm aspects of it. I think it is helping me to keep more even keeled emotionally and I believe also helps my stomach to stay more on track.

Today I haven't been feeling all that hot. I didn't feel all that well yesterday either. I think we may now have it nailed down to certain hours after the follistim shot......(approx 10am-1pm) I've been battling a few migraines here and there too.......which I'm sure is from the medicine also. All in all, it isn't that bad - just takes some adjusting.

I'm getting a bit anxious for Friday to see how many eggs I'm making! The sweet receptionist called today from the clinic to check on K and I and see how I was feeling. You just don't get this in a BIG office. We are so blessed to have a small IVF clinic close enough to work that we don't have to take that much time off and it is really like a family.

I think we may head to Target to get some blueberry granola that I've been craving ever since I had it a few weeks ago and to buy some pretzels to help my stomach at work to calm down a bit.

We're headed to Coulee for the weekend with Dad. Don't know what pass we're going to take with all the snow.....the plan right now is North Cascades.....we'll see how it looks come Friday.

Over and out.


CiaoBella! said...

We hope to see you over there!!
Aunt Tom and Uncle Mary

Beachbum said...

Here's to hoping that you feel better...

Hope the weekend is great too!

Skyrat said...

Hey girlfriend - it's the side effects of the meds that'll get you everytime! Hope you are making lots of good healthy eggs! Take care of yourself and enjoy the weekend.