Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good Morning!

Good Morning! Last night before we went to bed K turned up the heat probably to 75 (As I've been keeping it at 72 when I'm home) and roasted us out of bed last night! I woke up at 3am.....and then my brain started turning.......I did get back to sleep at some point. :o)

Today I plan on making a card or 2, boiling some eggs for my dear wife to take with her to the work potluck tomorrow, and hanging out. :) Tomorrow is my busy's what I have planned.......

Go to Jenae's with K to get her hair done for Halloween (stay tuned for pics!)
Go to Bellingham IVF for pregnancy blood test
Stop by Trader Joes and get me some more rice milk and whatever else I feel like buying
Come back home and try to figure out if I feel like going to the work potluck or not :)
Put our hiding pumpkins out (people have smashed a few in our neighborhood so they've been on our back porch!) oh wait, K has to do this...... no lifting! :)
Listen for my phone to ring.....but not answer it......and wait, wait, and wait until K comes home to get the results......and did I say Wait? :)
Try not to go to nut-so waiting........ :)
Hand out lots and lots of candy to young and old.....and have fun!
(We chose the night where we are going to be most find out the results - grand huh?) It usually takes a bit to soak in.......

Ok, enough, enough........

and did I mention I'd really love to be going to Corvallis tomorrow?..............that'd be a be all to end all of a week of vacation......... but it isn't going to happen.............


Beachbum said...

Mornin' back at ya! Hey...we might have been awake at the same time? Maybe we shall chat...and let us know!!!!!! Have fun and take pictures of the Halloween designs.

Skyrat said...

Girlfriend - positive thoughts on the test tomorrow. It's never fun not being able to sleep - especially because of heat. LOL Hugs!