Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen


1. Kauleen - It has sucked royally that you could not be off for all of my appointments, and vacation and partaking in that part of this journey. You're the best at setting up my shot every night, making sure all medicine was taken, and listening to my worries, excitement, and talking and rubbing my belly every night :) You're the best dear and can't wait to love these babies together! You'll be the greatest Mama!

2. To my Mom - For having taken special time off to come over and spend time with me for a full week! :) We didn't get to do much, but just the enjoyment of having someone around helped. Damn WOOT for not giving us a bag of crap......and thank you WOOT for keeping us entertained during the WOOT off. The girls night out card making was very fun. You're artistic abilities are outstanding! :) I hope you'll be over here soon.....

3. To Popi - for naming the babies their nicknames, as he does with every child close to him. PJ and Scooter (a boy and a girl) :) For listening to the ups and downs of the shots, the pains, the itching, for having to see boobs and butts (and my laughing so hard while getting a shot!). For having to be surrounded by estrogen your whole life.......although I'm sure you've enjoyed it most of the time. Here's to having a grand boy you can do manly things with! :)

4. To Ryan and Dewayne - here's to having a niece and/or nephew that you can love on, cuddle with, and enjoy as much as I let you :) Although you are in the armpit of Washington, that doesn't separate hearts :) We think of you often and hope happiness and healthiness are found in you both!

5. Gina - For emailing, commenting daily on my blog, wanting to understand, being motherly :) and most of all for being a friend, giving support, listening and just being you.

6. Ronnie and Frank - I believe the last Non-Con at your house was after I had just found out one of our insemination's didn't take and I remember coming there and Ronnie you just giving me the biggest hug. I'll never forget that. For the drumming circle, the positive thoughts, the love of family, and for all you've exampled and taught me.

7. Aunt Tom and Uncle Mary - For supporting my parents, being there for them, and in your emails, comments and in love, supporting us. We love you both very much!

8. Jen and Rhody - For looking at baby clothes even before we know we're pregnant! :) For finding us again on our blog, for allowing myself to meet you (and K to meet up with an old friend), and for keeping in touch!!

9. Ginger - For chatting with me online and being such a positive, comforting and uplifting soul. Your compassion and love shine so brightly outwardly. Thanks for trying to keep me positive in the midst of turmoil.....and for all the energy and thoughts you and your family have sent our way. ((hug))

10. The Kitties - For kneading on my so very sore belly before and after retrieval and for showing me your love in every way, every day. For showing me you need me....even if it is just for food or a scratch on the chin! :) I love having you around!

11. To Cori - For your wish and love for our family to have babies. That empowers us.... just don't wish for too many ok? :)

12. To my sweet neighbor Karen - for coming over almost every night to give me a shot in the butt. She's done this for so many cycles I couldn't even count. Thank you for taking time out of your day to come over every night - and for your company. We appreciate and love you more than you know!

13. To all of my Family, Mothering Board community, the unschooling community, my Planet Christmas community, Facebook community, and anyone else I might not have mentioned by name, but whom has said a special prayer, thought, lit a candle, and/or sent positive energy our way - the compassion, support and love of each person has been noted, felt, and held onto. We'll never be able to pay it back.

Thank you and we love you all very much!

I will post as soon as we find out together.......
(which will be probably after 5pm PST)

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Skyrat said...

See how special you and K are? You have so much love and support coming at you from all directions!

Bonga said...

Awww! sweetest post ever :-) I sure am crossing my fingers for you girls tomorrow!!