Sunday, October 05, 2008

Busy Week

We have a very busy week this is it that it is only Sunday but yet my whole week is booked? At least it is booked with fun things I wanna do!! :)

Tomorrow night we're headed to Bham to have dinner at a friends house!
Tuesday I have YOGA and missed last Thursday and can't wait to stretch and relax again!
Wednesday a group of ladies from a mothering board of mine are getting together at a local coffee shop!! CAN'T WAIT!
Thursday is YOGA.
Friday we're heading with dad to Grand Coulee for the weekend to close up shop.

Monday I start shots for the baby! YAHOO! :) I have my first "real" appointment to check my eggs on Friday morning..... can't wait to see what I produce!!

We're talking Christmas lights and trying to figure out what to do and/or where to get what.........

Rhody and/or Bonga if you're reading this - my Skagit Christmas sign is in my window :) feel free to put yours in at anytime!! :)



Skyrat said...

You have a busy and exciting week ahead of you! Positive thoughts headed your way with sprinklings of baby powder!

Jennifer said...

Bonga here - I will put my window sticker on, as soon as I wash the car! I hope you don't mind - it will be in between my Grateful Dead sticker, my HRC sticker, and my Obama '08 sticker...? I will send a pic...