Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Evening Happenings

Today was the first day that I was up pretty much most of the day. I feel pretty good. I've had a weird issue with some pains in my back (almost like it is a catch.... ya know, kind of like everytime you breathe?) but it hasn't really gone away all day. I started a new medicine today (for the IVF) so that may be causing the side effect......isn't really painful, a bit uncomfortable and more so annoying. It hasn't really stopped me from doing stuff today.....

We sent Mom off on her way today to Ryan's for a few days. It sure was nice to have her here for a week.......I don't know how well of an entertainer I am, the time we got to spend together.......was mostly days on which I had to be down........but it was fun nonetheless, even if we watched Woot for over 24 hours and missed the damn bag of crap!!

K and I had bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning - man it was good. I was craving bacon :) We bought some special, more natural bacon - and we both didn't burp it up. We decided the extra cost was worth it. :) We then watched Into The Wild with Dad (Great movie, again!) and then got ready for the day........ headed out to the store for a few things, pumpkin patch, and then came home. We had carne asada for dinner with guacamole and salsa with tortillas. It was yummy.

I'm sitting down now and writing this and am exhausted.......will be hitting the sack soon.

Tomorrow all of us will head down to Aunt Tom and Uncle Mary's for some pumpkin carving, some good vibe prego drumming, and just plain hanging out with family! :) can't wait!


Skyrat said...

Do hope the pain in your back is temporary. But I also have to laugh. You will experience all kinds of different things as you move through pregnancy...especially if it's twins. hehehe

Randi said...

having pains for reason of child is totally different then having pains and going what the heck is this from!? :) woke up this morning feeling may have been from having sat in my chair watching the movie for so long yesterday.