Sunday, November 09, 2008

Weekend Happenings

Hello Friends! :)

We have had a somewhat relaxing, somewhat quiet, and a very enjoyable weekend.

Friday night we hung out at home. I was a bit ancy to do something, but by the time we ate, got my shot, etc. I was ready for bed! We did watch some of the Womb movie (which we *finally* finished - without me falling asleep!)

Saturday morning we got up and went Garage Saleing. There weren't that many to go to and it was raining.... but we got a pie pan and a few movies for the boy to watch (Saturday night). We then came home and had turkey sandwiches on sourdough bread with some chips. YUM. (This has been my staple latley). K then took a nap, I played on the computer, and then we started to put Christmas lights up........

(Silly us with all the lead, etc. in Christmas lights...... so I washed my hands and put gloves on.....) We got part of the house done with red and white....(we are having to re-clip all the lights which is time consuming!)

Saturday night we had Braxton over for a sleep over :) We watched Free Willy 2, played some Wii Bowling, Baseball, and Tennis and played in the water :) It was fun! K slept with him..... and I slept in our bed. Sure like it better when we sleep together! :)

Sunday we're just cleaning house, doing laundry, and relaxing a bit.

Dad's been gone since Thursday..... he went to Aunt Tom and Uncle Mary's and then headed over to Grand Coulee to spend some time with Mom...... so he'll be home here in a few hours.

We are having, guess what? TURKEY for dinner. We got a turkey from is herb rubbed turkey breast and is YUMMY. So, we'll eat that tonight and have sandwiches the rest of the week with it!

Ryan goes in tomorrow for her surgery....... she's a bit nervous about it, which I would expect one would thinking a bit extra about her today. Everything that is meant to be, will be......

People have asked me what my numbers are......I don't get tested anymore for numbers. I got 2 checks - one for the positive and the 2nd for the doubling. Now, I'm pregnant :) I'm just like any other pregnancy.....(and some may get more blood checks then others). I have my first midwife appointment on December 4th....... and as you can see above..... I was one week ahead of myself last week...... so we are just now into our 5th seems like it has been forever already!!

That's it for now..........

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Skyrat said...

Numbers must be something new in the pregnancy department - at least newer than when I had my last one. LOL So glad that you are still pregnant. Sounds like you had a busy weekend in spite of the weather.