Monday, November 17, 2008

Beans Beans Magical Fruit

Ok, so really this post has nothing to do with the beans I ate at lunch today in a very yummy burrito with some taco meat, salsa and guacamole - those beans - which are blowing my gut up at this hour- STILL. :) and no it isn't the pregnancy.......its just my system.

We had a busy night tonight. We came home, checked email (a nice surprise...more in a minute), chatted with dad about the days happenings, headed to the library to return a movie, went to Costco for some nuts/cheese for dad and cat litter for us, to the teriyaki place to get some teriyaki with fried rice (the fried rice which they never gave the pregnant lady!!) and then we came home.......just in time for my nightly shot, then finally about 8pm we sat down and ate dinner...... I'm now writing to all of you while using my dad's laptop (thanks dad!) while K is watching Chuck..... then Heroes.

SPERM and BACTERIA - We were told before doing our cycle that there was an issue with the sperm donor and his sample. There was bacteria in it, making fertilization null without our ICSI step (injecting sperm into the egg). This is just a short blurb.... tonight we were pleasantly surprised that our clinic had called our cryobank and we will be refunded all of our last 6 vials that we ordered - a good chunk of change. :) great news.

WORK & BABY STUFF - I said to K as we were pulling in this morning "We're going to bombarded by everyone when we walk in!" By about the 1st hour and no one had said anything, I was beginning to become a bit leary.....but the Congratulations began rolling in... and there were a few I was a bit concerned about.....but everyone took it great and we got a congratulations out of our friends and the people who care about us most :) We really are blessed. There were a few questions........ and will probably be a few more as time goes along. All went well.........and those cookies are awesome!!

that's it for now........


Beachbum said...

Yeah on the $$$! Sorry you had to go through all the stress and the like, though. Sorry I missed you tonight...maybe soon.

Skyrat said...

Definitely good news on the refund.

So now that everybody at work knows, you can openly rejoice about your pregnancy. hehehe

Anonymous said...

The fact that you could keep it quiet in that place absolutely amazes me. Congrats on that fete and on the "little feet" as well!