Sunday, November 30, 2008

6:30 A.M.

My body has been wanting to go to bed before 9pm but is getting up at 6:00-6:30 A.M.! Oh well, I enjoy so peace and quiet throughout the house....K asked me "what are you doing?" and I said " getting up" and she goes "ugh!" LOL She's snuggled as a bug in a rug still in bed.....I love watching her sleep ;)

We did go shopping the day after Thanksgiving, but didn't start off until about 8am. We bought $160 d0llar sheets for $40! We each got a $10 gift certificate to the local outlet mall which we then both used at a consignment shop we hadn't ever been in! We were looking for a few maternity clothes. My jeans are beginning to feel a little too tight......and Fridays now at work at blue jean we'll probably go look at Old Navy where I'm told they have longs and maternity - if not - I can order some online.....We ended up finding me 2 shirts and a pair of brown dress pants (long enough!!). The dress pants were brand new w/tags for $13.90! Did I mention how long it took me to find dress brown pants NOT maternity? FOREVER. I'm pretty excited because I have a few shirts that are stretchy that'll last me awhile....and they go best with my brown pants. We got a few other Christmas gifts....and would've been home by 11:00am had we not had someones kitties to feed :)

Ok, so my neighbor just scared the crap out of me. I'm sitting here typing this post....6:40am and someone knocks on the door!! We have no peep I say "who is it?" and I hear a little laugh....and I thought initially, just kids playing........ but at 6:40am!? Then I hear a little voice say "It's your paper"...and I thought well that's weird that the local newspaper would deliver it to my door?....but ok...opened the door and it was the neighbor being a friendly soul bringing our paper to us.......but only because she told me to sleep in and not get up early!! LOL She's the sweetest soul ever. She's come over now for over 2 months and given me a shot every night.... we are down to less than one butt will be thankful, as I'm sure Karen will too.

Yesterday, we got up at 7:30am! I SLEPT IN! We had some coffee, read the paper and it was probably close to 10:00am before we headed outside. It was raining, surprise, surprise. The weather man had said that it was to let up.......well, it rained, rained, and rained. We were pretty soaked, soaked, soaked. We connected extension cord, after extension cord....... (after we dried each plug off, taped it with electrical tape and then plugged it back in). We plugged things in, had things plugged in wrongly (red running one way, white the other), swore at the staple gun, rolled eyes at each other....... and did I say we got wet? At one point I stood at the road and yelled "QUIT RAINING!" Yes, at one point, I wanted to say TO HELL with it all..........

Nonetheless, we turned it on last night (minus a few other small un-show making things) to plug in today (which the weather man has told me it is to be a SUNNY day!) and we'll get those hooked up, get our Diaper Drive bin out for Basics for Babies and we should be set for the next 30 days.

K has tomorrow and Tuesday off which will be nice as she could really use a rest. She has worked her butt off to get this show working. She's the best est wife ever. We've come to realize we can't give a date so much as to when we are starting allow us some flexible time to get stuff set up. If we needed 2 days yesterday to do it....we could have stopped, rested, and finished Sunday....although, we were ready to have it done. Oh did I mention we came in at 5:30pm? :) that's a long day outside in the rain......... but we DID it.

Now, if you have the chance to come by and see it...... or you know someone who lives in the area and can - please SPREAD THE WORD!! I want as many people to see it as possible!!! We have like 16 if you is kind of a long show to watch the whole thing - but WORTH IT!!!

I'll do a pregnancy post next ;)


Megan King said...

Hey girls...I just had to say that the Motherhood Maternity store at the Alderwood Mall is the best. They have things that are $9.95 and $19.95 and are great quality. Old Navy maternity clothes were my 2nd pick. I always had to order mine online because they don't have much on hand in the store, but they are worth it. Target also has a great, inexpensive, maternity line. I always had a hard time spending money on these clothes since you don't wear them long.

Happy Shopping!! :)

Skyrat said...

I am so wore out just from reading your post, I can only imagine how you felt! LOL

Skyrat said...

Okay - so I got my comments to the posts mixed up. The above comment belongs to the post below this one. I was going to say that it is beginning to look like a baby now! hehehe