Sunday, November 02, 2008

Post for Grandma To Be

I had thought about doing a separate pregnancy blog, actually made it, posted the link on this blog, and decided to delete it :) So.....all my pregnancy followings will happen here.

WITH that being said..... here is my first pregnancy post for Grandma.

I had already thought about doing this.....for Grandma who isn't within very short distance to take in some of the pregnancy stuff :) but also for those who wish to watch the changes going on and the miracle of life. :)
Tomorrow I go to Bellingham IVF for my second blood draw...... here is to HIGH #'s! :) I'll post when I can..... I head back to work tomorrow after 1.5 weeks of being off.......
Off to eat some saltines and frosting....... yum.

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Skyrat said...

If you are pregnant with twins or triplets, it will definitely not be long before you start showing!