Friday, November 21, 2008

Life As We Now Know It

Warning........ maybe TMI following...... you are been warned ;o)

We had planned for a night with some friends on Tuesday night - and also got a surprise visit from another friend who had found out we were pregnant. We were having a great time sitting around, chatting about pregnancy, midwives, etc. and all the fun stuff......

I was feeling a bit crampy......not uncommon, but was having some trouble getting comfortable. (later I found out Molly - the surprise guest - had heard me taking some deep breaths to get through it)

Molly was getting ready to leave and I stood up to give her a hug and felt as if I needed to go the bathroom immediately. I then saw blood...... lots of it. I yelled for K who was in shock too as to what was going on. I couldn't move as my body was in total control of what was going on and I had no option then to let what needed to come out. I explained to K to let the guests know what had happened and what an odd feeling for them - but what was I to do? it was kind of weird the whole scenario.

Once I was capable of getting off the toilet, we decided a call to the midwife was in order...(9:00pm). (Little side note......can I tell you how thankful I am for a phone number in which I can call and talk to the midwife at any hour......and get her voice, not an answering service, to page some on call doctor to contact me?!) We called Winni and she said that she felt like an ultrasound was in order. She told me to be on bed rest for the rest of the night and then she'd call me in the morning with the time of the ultrasound. (Also, to be off of work the next day....which just happened to be an in between day of people having it off - which worked out perfect!)

We weren't planning on having any ultrasounds....but for medically necessary things it was ok.

I bled once more that night....then nothing else. Everytime I woke to pee in the middle of the night, I'd wake up and go...... nothing else? what the hell!? I do not know how many times that night K and I woke up and said "what the hell!"?

Wednesday morning K did some research online and we had been told by our friend, by the midwife, etc. that it is very, very common for one to lose a twin, but still have a live baby inside. We had hopes.

Through all of this, I was essentially very calm. K was quite shocked. (I'm normally not the calm one) but for some reason had a feeling all would be all right. (Don't get me wrong, I still was in shock, and didn't understand what was going on) . K said "Since you're so calm, you realize what's going on...I take some of that and try to stay calm about it too!".

Another side note...... the night before I had stated to K and Dad that we needed to focus on their only being one baby and not 2....until we found out for sure we were having 2...... intution by chance? :)

Our President was coming to speak at our Wednesday morning work meeting....I had told K to leave her cell phone on her desk and just to check it upon her return from the meeting. Well, the midwife had called at 8:45 and I was to be there at 9:00am and it takes about that many minutes to drive from where I am to the hospital I was going to........and now, how do I get a hold of K whose in the meeting?! I try to call work and get the receptionist..... no one answers. I try, and try again........ no answer. I finally clue in there are some people who don't attend the meeting and got one of them to go upstairs and get K to get to the phone......while I'm on the road driving.....

I tell her - I'm on my way, you've gotta leave now if you want to be there on time - she said "I'm outta here!".

She met me JUST in time (at registration) for the ultrasound....

The ultrasound tech was a SUPER AWESOME guy! He did some checking of dates (the difference of IVF vs. last period date), etc. how far along we were, etc. One date said 6 weeks, one date said 6 weeks 3 days....... he was honest and said " You're pretty early to see anything, we'll do our best but just letting you know you might not see anything".....

He then put the ultrasound on my stomach and within a few seconds we saw a heartbeating! It was pretty dang amazing! He probed around a bit (with a very full bladder!) measured kidneys, etc. then he did an transvaginal ultrasound (which I wasn't too keen on having had bled and didn't want the chance of miscarriage.....) but we did it too.......which he pretty much measured most of the same things - other than like my ovaries, etc.

I came home and called the midwife, she was ecstatic. K went back to work. I laid on the couch literally all day long.......I really wanted to go to work....... but I had to take care of me and the baby.

So, long story short..... we had quite the scare...... we now know there is 1 baby inside me, with a heart beat, growing greatly....... we are blessed.

We won't know and don't know wether the bleeding was me losing a twin, sloughing off some lining, etc. We are assuming it was a twin....but everything happens for a reason.


Beachbum said...


I kept getting more nervous the longer between posts. I am so sorry for your loss...

We are also ecstatic about bun in. One is definitely a good number, too.

Give your midwife a hug from us when you see her, too!!!

Skyrat said...

Hopefully it wasn't a twin lost, but if so, am so sorry to hear that. Glad to hear that you have one though. I can't imagine the fear you and K went through over that! Hugs to you dear friends.

Ronnie said...

Okay, my heartrate is returning to normal now. How frightening that must have been! So glad you had that lovely little heartbeat waiting to reassure you. Hugs!

Frank said...

Whew! Glad to hear that y'all heard a heartbeat after that scary event. Take care!

Denise said...

How scary that situation must have been for you. I'm relieved to hear that someone was waiting to say hi to you and you were given reassurance that everything was ok. Love to you and Kauleen.