Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Crunchies

I sit and type as my wife sits next to me crunching corn nut..... oh the music of my ears. LOL (and she'll love me posting that!)

So.... thanks to my good friend Deb aka Too, we decided to spend a little bit more money and buy a laptop without having to go out in the wee hours of the morning to buy a laptop that I don't know *quite* everything that is on it but the basics. My wife is so good to me! This laptop will get SUCH good use!! It should be here this week..... thank you to expedited shipping! :)

Today, we spent the entire day....hanging Christmas lights. We have everything (minus some tall candy canes) and the green LED's that should be arriving in the mail tomorrow.... we'll get them up hopefully on the Friday after Thanksgiving and we'll be good to turn it on!! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

I was not feeling all that hot yesterday.....but we believe it was because we ate Jack in the Crack for lunch.....seasoned curly fries, and grease gut wonder I didn't feel good and the baby must not have liked it. Nonetheless, today I've been eating like a pig! I've been hungry alot! Also, another side note.... I ate a piece of cheese with no lactaid today.........and have not pooped!! I have hoped and hoped that this pregnancy would help my lactose intolerance.... I'm not going to push it....but was kind of exciting!!

That's it for now.........


Skyrat said...

Details - I want details! What laptop did you get? So glad you are feeling better - gotta watch that greasy stuff...not only for the baby but for the gall bladder too.

Anonymous said...

i can tell ya...(im lactose intolerant too!)...i STILL need lactaid pills with dairy.
only when the pregnancy constipation exists does lactose intolerance seem to NOT exist.
i hope you have better luck with it than i!

FutureMoms(from IVFC)