Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday Night Thoughts

I started back to work today - oh joy. I found that I wasn't really that bored and/or stir crazy last week - but seemed moreso to be bored/stir crazy this past weekend. We did a lot though. We went to Bellingham, took down Halloween Decorations, discussed Christmas decorations, got some shampoo and conditioner on sale at JC Penny, went on a hunt for dress brown size 12 tall pants (in hopes of ordering them via catalog from JC Penny) and ended up going to NY & Co and they were having an awesome sale of buy one get one 75% off - and an awesome wife who still had $25 on her gift card! So, we both got a pair of pants (and they had our sizes!) for $25.00!!

Tonight I felt a bit sure it'll happen more often than not.......and just accepting it and letting it be.... helps. :) My mom was a good person to talk to...... and Dad was a good person to make me laugh :)

Wanna hear all that's gone on the past few days - to maybe put me out of sorts a bit?

Daylight Savings Time (and my sleep schedule all screwed up - and I NEED my sleep!)
Oh, my sleep schedule screwed up from being too hot......
Anxiety of pregnancy tests, blood tests, etc.
nah...not too much been going on :)

I felt great today at work! We woke up early and had our coffee before showering. This may be our new routine so I can have something in my stomach. It seems that really helps. I didn't start feeling a bit queasy until tonight. I went to make chicken, and some thai-lime rice that I had bought at Trader Joes......well I couldn't even smell that rice.......yuck. So, it is in the fridge and we'll see if K wants to eat it........and/or if I could stomach the smell tomorrow. I did eat some chicken (felt as if I needed some protein) and then some broccoli. I then ate a few crackers. I'm feeling a bit hungry and will try to eat something a bit of protein before going to bed and see how that helps. :)

Today after getting the pregnancy test - it finally dawned on me - we're going to have a kid. CRAZY!!!!!!!!

I called the midwife today.....she'll probably call me back tomorrow. :) We're very excited for our first appointment.

OH and the whole week thing (not knowing etc.) the only reason I'm wanting to know is I'm reading a Pregnancy Week by Week book and don't wanna be reading ahead! I NEED TO KNOW! (I'll ask Winni tomorrow)

It just doesn't make sense what the IVF clinic said. They said I'm 4 weeks, 2 days from October 22nd. how does that work? I can't even be 4 weeks, 2 days from October 17th! The first day of my last period was October's all good. This is the only reason I'm wanting to know......heck, I know the babies gonna come when they are ready!! :)

Waiting for my wife to get home from a movie.......then I'm headed to bed.


Beachbum said...

Did you all get blood drawn yesterday?

Hey...are you voting today?!

Debbie~ said...

This is such an exciting time for the both of you, and your life will soon be forever changed. Enjoy the moment!
Love ya, Auntie Debbie