Thursday, November 06, 2008

Quick Morning Post

We are very grateful Obama won in our household....... and that our baby will have him as a President until he is about 4 - or maybe even 8! :)

Secondly, am feeling good.....haven't really had any bouts of nausea lately and is kind of just an "unknown" time and hope that my numbers are continuing to increase and we have our first midwife appointment on December 4th! :)

Thirdly, thinking about my sister who will be going in for biopsy/surgery on Monday to remove an ovary and/or uterus......and will be off work for some time (and have the financial stress of that). That she have some peace now...and until Monday and keep her mind off of it. Mom and Grandma will go down for the surgery. (The doctor does not believe it is cancerous).

That's it for now.................. more later.

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