Saturday, November 01, 2008

Past 2 Days

Last night Dad spent the night at Tom and Mary's and so K and I spent the night handing out candy to ghosts and goblins. We had a LOT of people. We live in a great neighborhood for people to get lots of candy but yet walk around safely. We turned the lights out about 8:30pm and the doorbell still rang 3-4 more times. Some people just don't get the lights out concept I guess.

This morning we woke up and had coffee, read the paper, ate ham and egg mcmuffin for breakfast and then went to Bellingham to the bank, The Greenhouse (kind of a store like Pier One but more fun!) (we got some candles and a new spatula) and then we went to Trader Joes (for a few items...... Ginger tea, crystallized ginger, a sandwich for lunch, etc.). We then stopped by a friends house to see the work she had done. Visited a friend of this friend to see her new house and then back home we came. We took down the Halloween Decorations and then we started to put clips on our Christmas lights only to find out our C9 clips don't fit our C7 bulbs. We may have to go purchase some smaller clips (but we really like the C9 clips).

I'm thinking of starting a separate Baby Blog - to follow the happenings, etc. of our journey. Any suggestions as to what it should be called? Or would you prefer me to take over this blog with the baby stuff? (just wanting some opinions.... :o)

I felt queasy on Thursday morning from about 10am-1pm. I didn't feel anything yesterday until 8pm (but that was because I needed to eat). Today, I didn't eat until close to 9am (after coffee) and after eating I felt very queasy and felt that way up until about 1pm. Tonight I felt a bit queasy too but I think that is because we had Taco Soup for dinner and it is pretty acidy. Other than that, I'm feeling just fine :) night sweats.......and am either cold and/or hot. No in between.

I think that is it for now....... I'll see if I can't get some Halloween Pics on here tomorrow sometime.



Beachbum said...

Happy All Saints Day!

Just as an aside - we went trick or treating yesterday and some of the homes had thier porch lights on but didn't answer the door. Some had great halloween decor that they showed in a darker light and had great candy stashes. I don't know how well the porch light thing is going in this new era of trick or treating.

More importantly, homeopathy has some remedies for the nausea...check out this link here:

Hugs to ya! Yeah for ginger!!! I loved just a slice in hot water with a touch of honey...

Skyrat said...

Just an opinion - you have so much on this blog on your quest to get pregnant...why not go ahead and continue with the baby saga here. For others who may be in the position you all were - wanting to get pregnant - it may help them.

We didn't have one single little goblin walking our neighborhood.