Friday, November 21, 2008

Stick With Me!

Thanks fellow blog readers for sticking with me in the midst of me not wanting to take the time to post......sometimes it's just like that. :)

First things first.........I finally got a BAG OF CRAP. I was *ahem* working yesterday and happened to check WOOT throughout the day...for their what seems to be monthly woot-off, and got me a bag of crap. I had originally chose to get 3 bags of crap...... but K reminded me that if I really wanted one, I'd better just go with 1......and be thankful I got that! :) So, my one bag of crap should be arriving sometime in the next week.....

Secondly, we ordered a memory foam queen pillow topper thingy from overstock. K hasn't really liked our mattress for some time and so this will hopefully help. It was a very good should be here sometime this week.

Thirdly, the green LED lights that we ordered....... well they should be here this week too.

Lots of fun stuff to get in the mail! CAN'T WAIT!!

Anyone here planning on going shopping on Black Friday? Now, you can't say NO WAY unless you've done it once.......I'm pretty sure once you go one time - you'll be hooked - if not to buy anything - to watch all the crazies. LOL We'll head out on Friday, don't know what hour.... we're on the hunt for a laptop (which I'm hoping to buy for nearly the same price online before having to stand in line at the ungodly hours of the morning) and also half price socks at Fred Meyer. We'll buy some Christmas presents and be done :) It really is a lot of fun!!

This was the fun post........ now onto a pregnancy post :)


unschoolingsupermom said...

I am not going to be shopping but I will be working. I work in the Christmas and Toy departments of one of our local stores. I am going to be BUSY.

Beachbum said...

You don't want to see us out there with the crazies. I try and avoid going when I'm the one looking the most normal!!!!

Skyrat said...

Getting a bag of crap in the mail is always fun. LOL But I don't do Black Fridays. There's nothing I want that bad, but I did read where WalMart and Best Buy were having some sales early - each had a laptop.