Saturday, May 10, 2008

What A Day!

We had such a fun day today with cousins Jenae and Crissie and our 30th Birthday Girls Day Out! :) We started at 8am with ham, egg and optional cheese mcmuffins here at home (lots of protein for growing baby!) and off to a few garage sales we went. We all bought something! I got 2 "noel" candles for $1, a seasons greeting "heavy duty" sign for $5.00 and we also got a microwave for coulee for $10! After all the garage sales, we came home and dropped off our treasures and headed to Bellingham.

Have you ever been to the Bellingham Farmers Market? it is HUGE! (Well, I've never been to any other than that one and the Skagit what do I have to compare?) but it is like a craft fair with spectacular items! (I personally love seeing all the babies with their mama's!) We then headed to The Big Fat Fish Company for lunch - which wasn't too bad. The price was a little spendy, but not too horrible and the food was pretty good.

We needed to stop at Cash N Carry for Jenae to find something, then we went to a local consignment shop and got home at 3:30! *whew*

After that, K and I went to Verizon wireless to see about exchanging the new phone I got for another one.....and got a new red fun phone - and what was supposed to be $20 - ended up being free! (even better) and the speaker phone on this phone is 99% better than the last (and we tend to use speaker phone a lot here!)

It is getting closer and closer to the Life is Good conference and I'm getting excited and nervous. :) I'm sure I'll have a great time, just will be interesting. LOL

Thank you to all my dear family that commented on the ride situation from work. I'll just be driving for now.....when and/or if I can get on an early schedule - then I can bus it. Thank you all......and I just may call ya for lunch ;o)

K's been in bed for a few hours now while I've piddled....... :) tomorrow we'll put a few more things on ebay, watch our ending ebay auctions and clean house - oh joy! We're broke till Thursday!!


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