Friday, May 30, 2008

Life Is Good Recap

LIFE IS GOOD RECAP 2008 (with maybe TMI)

  • The unsettled stress/diarrhea 2 days before departure. (Thank you dear Karen for the realization of just leaving home can be very unsettling for some AND thank you go Ginger for teaching me to try living in the NOW!)
  • Fear of the unknown - yet excited to be around people who believe in A LOT of what I want to do
  • Day 2 at Life Is Good - tears - yet not being brave enough to go out of my comfort zone to talk to people
  • Attending Circle Chats (and even waking early for them!) and not having a clue what they are about!
  • Making Happy Birthday signs and wishing each one could have been celebrated individually and those people made extra special those days (but did my best!)
  • The conversations with Kauleen at meals - trying to grasp it all.
  • Being adults - yet - allowed to do FUN things (i.e. door decorations!)
  • Seeing people - then going back to the room to look them up in my directory
  • Able to learn, watch and grow before kids.
  • Missing great speakers, dances, etc. for REAL quality time with people


(People who made impressions on me - not in any particular order):

  • Ronnie and Frank - For your willingness to listen, help me grow, let me fly, and accept and love. For all you've taught me and more. I will be forever grateful.
  • Chloe and MJ - For the random Hello's, the real life of unschooling and the special people you've both become!
  • Kauleen - For coming to Life Is Good for my support and finally in the end, attending. Our hearts, eyes, and lives will forever be chanced for the better. Love you!
  • Ginger - To you for my goals of Life Is Good - Knitting and Henna. Your warm heart and peacefulness made me feel at ease. I enjoyed our many chats and appreciate your willingness to have shared your experiences and recommendations! :)
  • Jeff - For our chat Sunday night about babies and how they are made with two women! :) For your genuine kindness and awesome example.
  • Gillian - For the birthday hug that will forever be remembered.
  • Robin B. - For the welcoming "Hello Randi and Kauleen" and being acknowledged. That helped me calm right down!
  • Holly (and boys - I forgot their names!) and the chance to be free and run!
  • Suzanne - For your realness, your love for Luca and your strength as a single mom. You Go Girl! (...and if we have another Non-Con North - hope you and Luca can make it!) (
  • To All The Amazing Breastfeeding Mama's! WAY TO GO!!
  • To The Little Girl Who Sang: Twinkle, Twinkle, Yittle Star - The song will forever be my memory
  • To Broc - For your gigantic wing span and for making the kids get lots of tickets for their much wanted items! (and too bad we met on the last day!)
  • Brenna - We never officially met, but may life bring you great joy and lots of awesome adventures!
  • Gioia, Aliana and Gemma - For your awesome dancing and spirit!
  • Mary Lewis (and I believe daughter Sarah?) for the chat on the first night of LIG - for making me feel comfortable and for sending off wishes of "happy breeding!" :)
  • Renee Cabatic - (we never officially met). Your genuine love and enjoyment of your children shines outwardly. I found myself at times smiling at your interactions with your kids! (I specifically loved you trying to fill out the Fairy Godparent Questionnaire...then asking them what they would've put...prompting and helping by your answers
  • The Golds - For your hard work and dedication months (years) before the conference, the workings OF the conference AND especially this conference with the midst of moving / packing - WOW!
  • Sharon Wallace - For your outgoingness of stating how it is, how it should be, the needs and/or wants of your family - and it just being so.
  • Diana Jenner - Thank you for enlightening Kauleen on the wonders of extended breastfeeding (although she did state that it hasn't necessarily changed her mind :) - and - for the magical baby dust spread on Randi's Amy Steinberg shirt :)
  • Amy Steinberg - What a REAL woman. Your concert ROCKED my world.
  • TO EVERYONE: Thank you for letting us learn in real life what AP and unschooling is all about - BEFORE KIDS. Thank you to all who shared their experiences, books, stories and kids.


Zenmomma said...

I'm so glad that you were both at the conference! I wish we could have talked more, but maybe we'll get a chance later when I'm not running around in 10 different directions at the same time. ;-)

I'm sending lots of good baby karma your way. The time is right. I can feel it. See you soon!

Mandaroo said...

I got a bit stessed much to think about when getting ready! But, wasn't it just the greatest? That's awesome that you are checking it all out before're children will so greatly benefit from it all! Best wishes.

Sissie said...

Oh, how I wish I had known I was meeting you when we didn't officially meet!!!!
I hope we can meet again (officially:) in the near future!
Thank you for your wonderful post that brought back the memory of knowing my children and also knowing I can never know them completely. We are, each of us, always "becoming".
Thank you
Renee Cabatic

Ronnie said...

Yay! Randi and Kauleen are home! I've missed your blogging.

Great writeup! It was so fun having you guys there!

Frank said...

Welcome back!

Glad y'all were there and had fun. See ya!