Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bedtime Post

What a wonderful day! :) We ran some errands this morning, had a very delightful visit with some dear friends and a yummy dinner (although it didn't settle well with K or I - and hope we don't end up literally getting sick!) and I got some "drums" today. I say "some" because it is a set of 2 bongo drums. They sound AWESOME!! K and I have been playing them! (the cats aren't quite sure about them).

I'm getting very excited for LIG - and have started multiple lists as to what not to forget.

Off to bed.


Skyrat said...

So - when are you all out of here? How long you going to be gone? Just know you are going to hate missing work for all those days! NOT!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 lists going for our vacation too. What to pack, and What do to before we leave!! I must be in the blood. Have a blast, I know you have been looking forward to your trip!! Love you guys, Cori.

CiaoBella! said...

Thanks for putting us up for the weekend; we tried to not trash the place!
Love you!
Aunt M, Uncle T, and Angelo

CiaoBella! said...

We can't wait to hear about your good fortune which we're sure you're making!!