Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I may be making some changes to me blog here soon to keep things that I say on here a bit more private. I've had a few things come up the last few days that make me not feel to great about having my blog in the open. :o( Really makes me quite sad that I can't have the freedom I feel I should have.

Thanks for your patience on this issue and I'll send links to those (if it comes down to it) that I need to have invited only.

If you'd like an invite - please send me your email address in a post.



Anonymous said...

I dont know what a post is, but I read you daily. I would love to be able to still do that, cori.

Ryan and DeWayne Hetrick said...

Sister i hope everything is Ok i am with cori this is the way that i stay in tuned as to what is going on with you and K and mom and dad. I am so sorry if you have been hurt in any way do you want me to come over and sit on them because i am sure that if they have a 300lbs person sit on them it would hurt tehm just a little bit. I love you sister.

CiaoBella! said...

You know who loves you, baby!

Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom

Denise said...

Received your invite. Thank you

Megan King said...

I would love, love, love to keep up with you two...if you'd let me! :)