Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weekend Ramblings

We had another busy weekend! Friday night we took off for Bellingham in hopes of finding some cheap coffee syrups for a special drink we were going to make on Saturday and we're also going to see about a cheesecake. Well, we made the trek to Bellingham only to find the syrups. (They are normally I guess like $8 and we got them for $3 - pretty much the gas up and back!) LOL We ended up then running to our Costco, picking up a cheesecake (Bham costco didn't have any!) and then running to Safeway, the dollar tree, and by the time we got home it was 9pm! WE WERE EXHAUSTED!!

Saturday morning we got up, puttered around, set up for a baby shower (my cousin Jenae and her 3rd and last baby) and the party turned out very well. We played a few games, chatted a bit, and just had fun! Saturday night I wanted to do something "fun" so we found a local theatre putting on a show "The Dream Science Circus!" Well, it was $30 for the 2 of us - but not really worth it. There was some amazing stuff in it (acrobatics, strength, etc.) but...yeah.

Sunday, we got up and piddled around. I put a few things on ebay (username: kauleen_randi) check it out! and then hung out and waited for K's sister and family to come for a visit. We sure enjoy their company when they are here. They all were crashed out in the car (4 precious sleeping children) so we hung out near them outside until they woke. We then colored, played with the cats, and hung out! :) They weren't here all too long - had a very loonng tiring, exhausting weekend. We then fixed some dinner (chicken and broccoli) and then headed to the co-op and to Haggen for some groceries. Upon our return, we got an addition to our family:

GEORGE! :) The neighbors are moving to Australia (where she is originally from) and the laws there for quarantine are very strict, so it was just going to be easier to not have to take him. This makes us have 4 cats! (Kiki, Rosa, Clover and George) George is a very independent cat - and will spend a good portion of the time outside (he prefers it). Right now we're doing some "Getting to know you" type things. He has a great personality.

There is something with only having 2 weeks left at work that makes going to work tomorrow OK! (I'm not looking forward to those few who found out on Friday......and a few that haven't found out yet!) but they can all handle it :) I'm getting more and more excited. There are just a few things I need to figure out:

1) The Everett Transit System and getting me the closest, the latest to work. I'm thinking the Everett Express to the Everett Mall. I then only have a little ways to walk......and it does it like every 15 mins. (and the County Connector here in Skagit County to get me there....would it stress me out to the max to ride the bus on the first day?? I mean.......I'll have to do it SOMEDAY!)

2) Health Insurance. One stinky thing about being domestic partners, is one can't be covered under the others insurance (yet) in some circumstances. Our company does not include DP, we're hunting me insurance. (TAC who I'll be employed through has insurance......but it isn't the *best* and for a bit more I can continue with who I have now..........just not with the same coverage).

3) Dental - need to call the dentist and find out how much it is for cleaning teeth if paying cash, etc. (to see if I need to add this on to)

There are a few more things, but those are just a few.........

I've been asked to talk about the Business of Being Born Party ;o) and the comments made and/or what people thought.

The attendees ranged from 21 y/o newly married, 29 y/0 married 5 years, one mom who had a home birth, one mom who had a birthing center birth, and an older mom who I believe had a home birth also. The reason for hosting the Business of Being Born Party is that I wanted other young people to be aware that there are more options out there than anyone in the medical field might tell you. (This movie changed Kauleen's mind for us having a hospital birth vs home birth). The younger ladies were very appreciative for me having shared it with them - we had discussion on the placenta and what to do with it, we discussed stillbirth (a recent scenario had been brought up), and just talked.

I personally think this movie is done well to reach out to more of the medical minded people and get them on the track of more a natural approach. (For those who are already headed that way, the movie may have been not necessary?) *shrug* I love hearing everyone's story.

The best part of the whole night for me, was meeting new friends who think the same way I do (extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, etc.) and being able to meet new people with the same ideas. (I CANNOT WAIT FOR LIG!)

I'm tired out now - this was a long post. Hope everyone has a terrific week!!


Pat and Allison Punteney said...

Hey, Where are your neighbors moving to? Which neighbors? My Friend Stormy is moving to Melbourn in December.

E, E, E, E & L said...

Sounds like you had a great party...home births are the best...if you ever want a video...I have 3 1 birth center and 2 home:)