Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oregon and/or California

I am looking for some ideas of MUST SEE / MUST STAY places.

We're thinking Oregon Coast and/or Redwoods?

Anyone been to a spectacular place in either of these places? :)



Linda said...

I had to do some detective work but I found you. ;) You had listed your blog address on your comment to my blog as lifelove*and*felinefriends.

Well, if I was doing a tour of Oregon I would certainly stop in Ashland where they have a neat little oldtown and a wonderful Shakespearean Festival that spans several months of the year (and don't miss the green show!)

Randi said...

Linda who? four little birds? :)

Sorry....I tend to do that quite a bit....and just now am realizing it isn't *and*. Silly me.

Thanks for the trip ideas. K has already been to Ashland and said I'd have a blast there. :)

If you're who I'm thinking - See you soon!!

CiaoBella! said...

Depoe Bay, first of all, then Newport, Florence was cool, Bandon by the Sea! Just travel the entire coast!!
Aunt Mary

CiaoBella! said...

Oh, I forgot. If you go inland, try the town of Sisters on the way to Bend,Sisters is really nice, and Bend is OK, and there's a resort near there, also, a touristy condo place that's fun. Just watch for signs.