Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Up & Ready EARLY

K got up early this morning as she needed to get into work earlier than myself..... so we got up a bit earlier than we have been. She blessed me by ironing my pants for me.......so really all I had to do was get dressed and do myself up and I'm ready......and have almost an hour until I *have* to be at work..... although I'll probably be there before.

I ended up going to bed at 8pm last night.....that was as long as I could last. I slept pretty good...despite getting up every 2 hours. The baby is lying low so maybe that is what is causing me to pee so much?..... It's ok really, I go right back to sleep......... just try not to wake K every time I get up!

Short week this week! YEAH! This weekend my mom is coming over and we're having our 2nd Girl's Weekend up at Baker Lake doing crafts! K and I have signed up to go to a cloth diapering class on Saturday morning at our doulas house. We'll get to learn about all kinds of things.....I'm excited.

Tomorrow I get a half hour massage on my shoulders! CANNOT WAIT! I'll schedule one in another 6 weeks at night as she's been being booked for awhile.

Don't know what our plans are for tonight....... Dad's staying at Aunt Tom and Uncle Mary's tonight.

Gotta go!!!


Beachbum said...

What a wonderful woman you live with!

That pee thing...will be with you for awhile. I remember Kai being low enough that I had to rock back and forth to get anything out... Fun times!

Hugs, my friend. Baby is now about 10/5" long! Has eye lashes and eye brows. :)

Beachbum said...

Miss you three...

Frank said...

On the topic of diapering, have you looked into elimination communication? We hadn't heard of it and didn't use it but my pal Lureen swears by it. Check here or here.