Monday, February 16, 2009

Ultrasound & This and That

I had planned on scanning in some pictures from this mornings ultrasound...... but we had an uncooperative baby :) "He" (used just because that's what we use) was laying really low with his arms in front of his body. He was butt up and feet near my belly button. I'm sure he was quite annoyed with all the pushing the technician was doing.....

The few things we found out:
  • 80th percentile
  • anterior placenta
  • head isn't too big
  • we're growing right along....

The ultrasound tech took a picture of its foot.......but really you can't see it. She I think was just wanting to send us home with picture of sorts. She couldn't really get a good view of the heart...but said she saw enough that it looked good. She said that the practitioner may want to send us back for another ultrasound...... but I think we'll pass on that. Everything seemed to be moving right along.

Something the ultrasound registration person told me today made me so irritated, but then I realized maybe someone is being extra gentle right now on my body. I am 5 months - in the beginning of March I will beginning my 6th month. I am pregnant. I don't LOOK pregnant. I've never been one to wear tight fitting clothes....some of my tshirts are just now starting to touch my "lower" stomach..... and although my upper stomach has grown quite a bit in the past few weeks....(they are now growing more together as 1) I still don't *look* pregnant. Why do people tell me this though?! It is irritating....... although I may not LOOK it, I am - so just shut it. :) I do plan on doing a 20 week picture for the blog...... but as you'll see :) I'm not THAT big.

BUT with that being said..... I've had back surgery before and that has been a concern of ours that hopefully my back could with hold the pregnancy..... well so far I haven't had any back issues but that is moreso because I haven't been carrying all out front - which is great for that aspect. Something I didn't realize until the lady said it today...... and I was like "yeah, I guess it is a blessing in disguise". I've also been told..... I'll be big enough before I know it...... enjoy it while I'm not :)

We had a wonderful weekend together :) Friday night we came home after work and got into our comfy clothes and just chilled. It was nice! :) Saturday we got up.... puttered around the house for a bit and then we went to the library to look up Consumer Reports for lawn mowers, went to JCPenny to return a few things, and then went to Ace Hardware to look for said consumer report lawn mower :) They didn't have the model at the MV Ace Hardware so they called to Anacortes Ace Hardware....... and sure enough they had it. We came home, had some lunch, and then made the trek to Anacortes for the lawnmower. Upon our return, we stopped at Christenson Nursery and picked up some tulips and also got a 7 year old blueberry tree (that will bear fruit this year!) We then came home, Randi mowed the lawn..... and Kauleen planted the tulips. We now have tulips and daffodils growing in the garden ever so nicely.

Sunday we got up and got ready to head down South. We started off at Alderwood Mall and then made our way to Babies R Us. After that we headed to K's sisters house to see the gang. We hung out there for a few hours and then headed home. We stopped at Red Robin to eat and then headed to the grocery store to pick up some bananas and mango......yep, been craving it! :) never bought a mango before but MAN it is yummy. We're talking about heading to Costco to see if they have some cut up :)

We have today off....and are just chilling out! I will take a nap today for sure! I was awake every hour from 8pm-1am......and then finally slept until 6:13am.

Also, we had bought a cheapo heartbeat doppler at a used store quite awhile back..... and have been listening every so often to see if we could hear the heartbeat. A few nights ago, we finally heard it! :) So now we should be able to hear it whenever we want to!! :) It's pretty cool.

That's it for now.........


Skyrat said...

Awwww girlfriend -you're showing. That was obvious in the last pics you posted. It won't be long til you will be like Jiffy Pop (Kauleen should remember that if you don't). Hugs and so excited for you.

Cori's Stories said...

Sweet cheeks, your showing hardcore!! Look at your 5 week picture!!! I am freaking huge(being my 3rd baby), and I feel like I just look fat, not pregnant. One day, you will be walking in a store and a woman will stop you and ask you when your due, and then you will realize how pregnant you really look!!