Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday Early Morning Nothings.....

I don't have time to write much of blog posts during the week, its just too busy. By the time we get home, get dinner, read the paper, and relax....I'm ready for bed! So, I guess I'll have to catch up on weekends! :)

We have been trying to eat better and exercise and have been doing pretty well other than this week! IT SEEMS WE ATE OUT A LOT!!! K and I were stating that we don't want to eat out again for a long time!! (It was K's birthday week - and so everyone wanted to take her out to lunch, dinner, etc. from work!)

TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY! :) she is 38. I got her 4 weeks of guitar lessons and we are getting massages today at 2:45pm! :) She and I are both excited for that! Last night we went out with a group of girls from work and had drinks. BOY, that puts me out of my comfort zone - but - for her birthday, I did it! It wasn't too bad, really. Kind of weird people who hang out in those joints, let me tell you!!

We went to an auction a few weekends ago for a local schools fundraiser and we bought raffle tickets - and guess what? I got a call yesterday that I had won a camping basket! I am so excited! We'll pick it up today. :)

Tomorrow we will go to a friend of K's for dinner and otherwise we really do not have any plans for this weekend.

I have been battling a cold for about 3+ weeks now. At first it was a cold, no biggie. I dragged out for a bit, so I thought it was allergies (something I was blessed to recieve last year!) and so I started taking allergy medicine (flonase) and got a migraine so quit that and just kept taking clairtin. I am headed onto my 4th week and nothing has helped and now green stuff is coming out - infection! YUCK! I called on Thursday and have to wait till Tuesday to get some antibiotics. I don't *feel* that bad, really......just sick of blowing my nose and choking on drainage! :o$

We hope to get our cabin on our property this summer. We had originally thought we'd have to wait a year ($$ wise) but decided we could probably save enough to put it on this summer - later (July-Sept). WE ARE VERY EXCITED!! I keep teasing K that once we get it on.....and we're pregnant - that we'll quit our jobs and move into it. Truthfully, we may do that'll be awhile.

Hope all is well everyone else.

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Deb said...

Sorry to have missed a timely Happy Birthday to K. I was having trouble accessing the blog from my bookmark, so I went back to square one through the original invite. Better belated than never?!

Deb...laughing at the comment of people who go to those joints. Hope you didn't mean they look like me. ;-)