Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Evening Thoughts...

I haven't posted on here in awhile (as stated in most of my blog posts) just because life gets too busy. I hate that we (people) spend so much time at work with co-workers and so little time gets spent with loved ones. I am one of those blessed people who love and work with my honey. :) I am blessed for that!

We went to my mom's last weekend to help my sister move and celebrate her 27th Birthday. I can't believe she is on her way to 30! THAT seems old! I remember when my parents were in their 30's! (Now now, for those who are older......it just seems to a 20 y/o that 30 is like "parent" age!) Her apartment is pretty nice and her and the boy will be living together, despite a few dislikings - it's what is best right now for both parties. They are getting married in September. I am glad we were able to go over and help my mom out with her moving. We worked all day Saturday and then we went and played bingo (although we were all wiped!) and got home at 9pm. Nonethless, it wasn't a very relaxful weekend at all - but got a lot accomplished.

This weekend we have no plans other than to maybe go to a local Garage Sale / Antique thingy at the local fairgrounds - maybe to a WoodWorking show from the local high school. Otherwise, we plan to just chill out. K's heading out with some friends Sunday to go to the opening day of the Mariners (her birthday present). I hope she has a good time.

Mom's last day of work is Friday and she is totally excited! She will be preparing for multiple garage sales (at her house and in Coulee) and then hopefully will get the house sold, and be able to relax and enjoy her travels which ever she plans to do!

We tried last month for a bambino......and K's cycle was all messed up. (We've never had it be so odd - really!) So, we've decided to stop for the time being (and take it as a sign) and just enjoy the summer together and our new cabin! I'll be trying in the early fall maybe? (shrug) I can't wait, but yet - do enjoy the spotenantey of things.

We are right now in the midst of getting the important things out of the way for the cabin. We will be getting the septic checked (first and foremost) and are crossing our fingers it works - and that it is good enough to be put on record. (Yeah, its a little weird - no record of it!) This is our first hurdle. Second hurdle, that we can actually BUILD on this lot. There has never been a building permit issued, so we are just *assuming* it is buildable, but people do that all the time, and it ends up not being buildable. So, by the end of May, we should know all of the above. :)

We've been discussing getting a little bit bigger cabin - maybe a 14x20 rather than 12x16 - just so if we wanted to move into it with all of our feline friends, then we wouldn't be AS crowded. K's stated that we'd build them ramps throughout the house to climb to and fro on. My #1 thing I'd rather have the bigger cabin for - is stairs - and not a ladder. I'm afraid as we grow old and feeble we'll not be able to handle them as well. So, we'll see - like I said, one hurdle at a time.

Works been going pretty good. I'm ready to retire. :) I'll never be able to retire (medical) but would like to really find something I enjoy doing - wether it is ebay, or something else. I get paid pretty good where I am at, so don't see myself moving anytime in the near future :) I have been helping out with the local Rotary Rose sales too. My manager is the Rose President this year, so I have been nominated as his "Secretary" so to speak for it. It makes things somewhat stressful sometimes trying to get my actual job done and the rose secretary stuff - but it is only till June.

A few blurbs to specific people:

Ronnie and Frank - When is Chloe leaving for Summerhill? Please, please get her a blog so she can write while she's away of her doings (if she wishes!) and maybe even an address? Maybe I could send her a little package of some sort.

Too - I don't know what the trouble has been - but I'll send you the link to my blog again and see if that works. Did you get my cookies?????? :)

Erin - How is Erik doing??

Crickl - Your post on your blog about your Bible was *amazing*. How weird that it'd end up in NY in a U-Haul that you never were even in! too weird!

Ok........I have a cat sitting here staring me down wanting some attention - better tend to her.
Love to all!

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** The Krewe ** said...

Chloe and I leave for England on April 20th, and then Chloe's first day of school is the 29th. Well, there are no classes that day, but that's move-in day. Then I come home ALL ALONE on the 30th. :-(

Chloe is considering blogging. I'll put a link on my blog when she's ready to go public.